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Better Access to Birth Control Boosts Graduation Rates

Research shows when access to affordable birth control increased rates of pregnancies and abortions also dropped....

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Survey: Parents to Wait to Get Kids' COVID Vaccine

Three-quarters of parents dont plan to vaccinate their kids against COVID-19 when the FDA gives the go-ahead for younger children, according to a new survey....

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Mediterranean Diet Could Ward Off Dementia

A new study suggests a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, olive oil and fish may protect the brain from plaque buildup and shrinkage....

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CDC Gives Guidelines for Simulated Cruise Ship Voyages

The guidelines outline all the requirements and recommendations for cruise ship operators to begin simulated voyages with volunteer passengers before they can restart restricted passenger services, the CDC said....

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Should COVID Shots for Teens Go to Developing Nations?

The move to immunize U.S. teenagers has spurred an ethical debate among medical professionals: Should those doses set for American teens go abroad instead...

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Diabetes, Weight Loss Drug Works Better With Exercise

A new clinical trial finds the weight-loss drug Saxenda helps keep extra pounds off, but combining it with exercise brings a bigger payoff....

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Police Violence Leads to High Anxiety for Black Americans

Survey participants had also witnessed community violence an average of more than 10 times during their lifetimes....

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