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Alternatives to Breastfeeding

For whatever reason, sometimes breastfeeding isnt the best option for new moms. Find out what alternatives are available to you for your baby....

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DVT Cases and COVID: What Are the Links?

Doctors have found more blood clot cases, like DVT and PE, during the pandemic. Find out what might cause these conditions, how they relate to COVID-19, and what impacts the combined illnesses may create....

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COVID: Mental Health 'Epidemic' in Communities of Color

Communities of color face a wave of mental health problems as a result of how the pandemic has changed the way people interact and grieve, experts warn....

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Face Shields May Cut COVID Spread in Hair Salons

Just having a chat in a hair salon can spread the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, a new study finds....

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds May Help Fight Severe COVID

Rheumatoid arthritis drugs may save lives of patients hospitalized with severe cases of COVID-19, according to a groundbreaking clinical trial....

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Healthier 2021: Mark Has Some Challenges Ahead

After nearly 2 months on this fitness journey, I cant say that I dont have very many complaints. But, things are going to be changing....

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Masks Vital to Stopping COVID at Gyms

Coronavirus outbreaks at fitness centers last summer were likely the result of exercisers and instructors not wearing masks, new research reveals....

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