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Exploring the Natural Benefits of Ecotherapy

Nature therapy (or ecotherapy) pairs people with natural environments to encourage healing. Learn about the benefits nature therapy has to offer....

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Feeling Stressed Out? Learn How to Relax.

Stress isnt all bad, but too much and for too long can cause health troubles. Learn how to relax with proven techniques....

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How to Deal With Toxic Parents

Not every parent-child relationship is healthy. If you have a toxic parent it can be hard to shed the child role and look after yourself. Learn how to spot toxic parental behavior, lose guilt, set boundaries, and practice self-care....

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Stress Not Always a Trigger for Relapse in Eating Disorders

Findings challenge a common theory thats never been directly tested in patients, according to the study authors....

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How to Handle Emotional Vampires

Sometimes people drain your energy. Learn how to spot -- and what to do about -- these emotional vampires....

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Lower COVID Rates in States That Mandated Masks

States that required people to mask up last year had lower rates of COVID-19 than those with no mask requirements, a new study finds....

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ADHD in Children: Focus on the Positives

Can your child use certain ADHD traits to their advantage Find out how focusing on the positives can help kids with ADHD build confidence and overcome obstacles....

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