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Houston Has a Problem: All the COVID Variants of Concern

A team of researchers in Houston has sequenced the genomes of coronavirus from 20,400 COVID-19 patients treated at a single health system there, and theyve found cases of all the major variants that public health experts say could increase the transmission of the virus or the severity of infection....

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Why Blood Type May Matter for COVID Infection

A new study provides further evidence that people with certain blood types may be more likely to contract COVID-19....

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Kids' Dental Anesthesia: What Parents Should Know

A handful of tragic cases involving children who died during dental appointments have prompted a closer look at pediatric dentists growing use of anesthesia for kids having routine procedures like cavity fillings, root canals, and tooth extractions....

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NIH Halts Trial of Convalescent Plasma for Mild COVID-19

According to the NIH, patients in a clinical trial with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms did not benefit from convalescent plasma treatment....

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Social Media, Kids' Binge Eating Often Go Together

New research suggests hours spent scrolling through social media and watching TV trigger binge eating in preteens....

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Choosing Generic Rx Drugs Could Save Medicare Billions

Wider use of prescription generic drugs could save Medicare nearly $2 billion a year, researchers say....

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Biden Vows Enough COVID-19 Vaccine for Every Adult in May

The president also said teachers, school employees and child care workers will be able to get at least their first dose in March....

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