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Treating Vitiligo: Build a Care Team You Trust

Heres what to look for as you assemble your vitiligo health care team....

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The Nuances of Treating Vitiligo in People of Color

There are challenges in treating vitiligo in people of color. An expert discusses these and newer therapies on the horizon....

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After Tragedy of Stillbirth, She Set Out to Help Others

Every year at least 21,000 babies are stillborn in the United States. Thats about one in every 175 births, according to the CDC. Elizabeth ODonnell wants to see that number fall....

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Can a Saliva Test Predict the Best Way to Manage Obesity?

Mayo Clinic researchers are working on saliva tests that may help figure out the type of obesity a person has and, based on the results, decide what may be the best course of action to treat it....

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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: How We're Learning to Treat It More Effectively

In this webinar, Kevin Kalinsky, MD, explained how triple-negative breast cancer is different from other forms of breast cancer....

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Amid Therapy Waitlists, New AI Coach May Be Quicker Option

Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago and their colleagues have found that their AI app appears to be useful in treating anxiety and depression....

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HIV: Getting Past the Fear

Knowing your HIV status is critical for staying healthy or getting help if you need it. Learn how you can put fear aside and take steps to protect both your health and that of those you love....

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